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Experience the KR Macro Diffuser Difference. Innovative Diffuser Systems for Professional and Amateur Photographers

Why choose a KR Macro Diffuser over all the other popular brands out there?

1/. It is a compact unit that allows you access to the subject you are trying to take the image of, without having to break off a branch or a leaf to hold in one hand in front of the lens while you try to hold the camera steady with the other.

2/. The diffuser doesn't wrap around the lens like most of the other 'Flying Nun' types do, and thereby doesn't create a 'Fake Pupil Look' in a reflective eye of a spider, or frog, etc.

3/. The shape of the front panel gives a natural looking reflection in reflective eyes, and also leaves the shadows where they would normally be, unlike the others with their bottom reflector panels that take all the shadows away.

4/. The design is the culmination of 6 years of 'in the field' experimentation to find a design that delivers the right amount of light to show the subject off as you would see it in normal life, without blowing highlights, or creating hotspots.

5/. I wanted to create a diffuser that allows you to take the most natural looking image, and also shows the fine detail in the subject as well.

6/. Assembly is simple. Take the unit and accessories out of the supplied pouch, fold it along the crease lines, hang the small lens ring on the bottom front diffuser tab, and join it together with the velcro tabs. Add the supplied adapter to the filter thread of the lens, attach the diffuser to the flash and the lens with the provided rubber rings, and you are good to go.

KR Macro Diffuser Systems provide you with an excellent lighting solution to your macro photography needs. Your skill level is out of my control however, and I can't guarantee that you will get the same results as I do for example, but in the right hands, it works very well.


                                                             PRICE LIST

I make quite a few different models of diffuser to suit the Olympus cameras with the 30mm, 60mm, and 90mm macro lenses, and the Olympus FL-600R, FL700WR, Meike MK-320, Godox V 860III, V350, and TT-350 flash units. I now also make a diffuser to suit larger Nikon, Canon, and Sony flash units, and different camera makes.

Unit 1/. KR-30 for the 30mm macro lens with the Meike MK-320 flash unit.        $75.00AUD

Unit 2/. KR-60 for the 60mm macro lens with the Meike MK-320 flash unit         $80.00AUD
              Also suits the Loawa 50mm f/2, and the Oly 12-50mm macro lens.                
Unit 3/. KR-60G for the 60mm macro lens & the Godox V350 or TT-350 flash     $85.00AUD
              Also suits the Loawa 50mm f/2, and the Oly 12-50mm macro lens.                                                                                                                                             
Unit 4/. KR-90 for the 90mm macro lens and the Meike MK-320 flash unit          $85.00AUD                                                                                                                                     
Unit 5/. KR-90G for the 90mm macro lens & the Olympus 600-700,
            Godox V350 or TT-350 flash                                                                          $90.00AUD                                                                                                                                  
Unit 6/. KR-100C for Canon with the Meike MK-320c, for the 100mm macro 
              lenses.                                                                                                            $95.00AUD

* New Additions! 
Unit 7/. KR-60o for the 60mm macro lens and the Olympus FL-LM3 flash unit    $75.00AUD
Unit 8/. KR-30o for the 30mm macro lens and the olympus FL-LM3 flash unit     $65.00AUD

Unit 9/. KR-TG  for the Oly 40-150mm lens with the MC-14 or MC-20 T/C's,
              and  the NiSi Close-Up Lens with Godox V350, or Oly FL700WR             $95.00AUD

Unit 10/. KR-90GX for the Olympus 90mm lens, Nikon 105mm lens, and
               Canon 100mm lenses with the Godox V860III flash unit                           $95.00 AUD

Unit 11/. New front diffuser panel for stacking i
ncluding postage in Australia       $30.00                                                                                              "             "           Overseas       $50.00AUD  

Postage and packaging to Australian addresses is ..... $20.00.
International postage and packaging is ...................... $35.00AUD

To order one of these diffusers, you need to choose a model, (e.g., Unit #) to suit your gear as above, pick a wrap colour and style from the list above, and put these choices in the order form below.

I will require a full name and address, contact phone number, and a valid email address for the customs form for all overseas sales please. These can be submitted on the order form below.
Please make sure to fill in the form and submit it to place your order, before clicking on the Paypal link to pay for it. I love free money but you may want your diffuser more. ;)

Thank you for checking out my site folks. I look forward to filling your orders.

Questions about the diffusers, comments about the site, and feedback, may be posted on the 'Feedback' link at the bottom of the 'About' page.

The KR Macro Diffuser Systems are designed and manufactured here in Australia by me, Kev Russell, a dedicated amateur photographer who is passionate about macro photography. As a result, I understand the importance of having the right tools to get the perfect shot.

My diffuser systems are specially designed to provide the perfect light for macro photography, and I take pride in the fact that I can provide my customers with a superior product. If you're looking for the perfect macro diffuser system, then my all new KR Macro Diffuser System units are the ones you want.

*Please Note!

There have been so many orders placed but not paid for at the time of the order.
Your order needs to be paid for before it can be sent to you.
After filling out the order form, click Submit, then please click on the 'Buy Now' button below that to pay for your diffuser. Enter the price of the chosen diffuser, plus relevant postal and packaging charges in AUD. 


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