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  • How do I install the diffuser?
    I go through the entire process in this video:
  • What flash settings should I use?
    I go through flash settings in detail in this video:
  • Where can I purchase the LED unit?
    Due to the unreliability of these LED units, I will no longer be able to supply these to you. If you wish to purchase them yourself, they are available through AliExpress online orders. You will need to modify them yourself to make them suitable for use on your flash unit. There are a couple of different models available. Some come with a plastic case, and some are metal. The metal ones are more robust, but harder to modify. When they work, they work well.
  • How do I order a diffuser?
    Ordering is a two-step process: 1) Complete and submit the order form with your details and desired diffuser 2) Pay via the PayPal Buy Now button Please ensure that you complete both steps, otherwise your order may not be processed.
  • Where can I find customer testimonials?
    You can find those on my FaceBook page.
  • Where can I see photos taken with the diffuser?
    You can see examples in this Flikr album, as well as my Gallery.
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